Spike Arc Lighter in the Rain
The Spike Arc Lighter is a flameless, electronic pulse arc lighter

The electronic pulse arc lighter is a new flameless ignition system inspired by the Taser technology. A simple push of a button triggers an “electric arc” between the two electrodes of the lighter which is then maintained by a lower voltage. It is this high intensity electric current that allows to light a cigarette or a candle in a few seconds.

This innovative flame-free technology makes the Spike Arc Lighter work in all weather conditions, even in the rain or in the wind!

Very practical, the Spike Arc Lighter is easy to use and carry. So you can always have on hand this convenient, stylish and compact accessory to light candles, incense, cigarettes, starter wood and much more!

It simply recharges via USB. So you can easily charge it at home, in your car, with your computer or from any USB port. Its long life battery makes it more economical and efficient than a flame lighter.

Flame-free for safety! Without gas or butane, you do not need to worry about a possible leak, avoiding at the same time any unpleasant odor!

Spike Arc Lighter is the perfect solution for your lighting needs! Convenient, easy to use, to carry and to recharge, economical, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.



Spike Arc Lighter lighters are available with a SINGLE OR DOUBLE arc

Specifications :

  • Single or double electric arc
  • Elegant appearance with a high-quality lightweight metal case
  • Available in 5 colors: blue, fuchsia, dark gray, silver and gold
  • Polymer battery 3.7v with a capacity of 240 mAh
  • 300 to 500 recharge cycles
  • Available in a gift box including a USB cable

Spike Single Arc Lighter

Spike Double Arc Lighter

Spike accessories also available :
  • Spike Extra long 4-in-1 USB Cable (2 meters)
  • Spike USB power wall adapter

Spike Extra long 4-in-1 USB Cable (2 meters)

Spike USB power wall adapter


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